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Killing Stingy - Part 3

Trust and Tithe

Barry Tubbs Jr

October 26, 2014


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Thanksgiving 1000

To be a blessing, every year we provide boxed, ready to cook Thanksgiving meals for families in Hood County. This year our goal is 1000 families. 




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I had been dealing with knee pain for over three years. When I would climb a ladder or step up i would have a sharp pain in both knees. so one we were at some friends house and i mentioned i was having pain in my knees. One of our friends asked if i could pray for the pain to go away and we got a group of people to pray. While praying  I felt a warm sensation moving through my knees which felt soothing and made the pain ease up. The next day while at home i was climbing a ladder to paint and the pain was gone. As soon as i realized I had no pain i said thank you Jesus for healing me. I've been pain free for three weeks now and I thank him everyday for no pain.