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Barry Tubbs Jr

January 25, 2015


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    I cant help but get excited every time you talk about tithing! I have wanted to thank you for your teaching on this very subject in October and November. I have heard many sermons on this subject but this time the Holy Spirit changed my heart. As i listened to the Holy Spirit speaking through you an excitement begin to stir in my spirit in regard to tithing.

    It was at this point that i was corrected in my spirit that i was not doing my part. I had allowed God in and trusted Him in other areas of my life but not in the area of finances. I resolved to take God at His word. I wanted to recieve His blessing for my life... not just financially, but in all areas. The realization that tithing was the way unlocked a door that had been closed and locked within me for a very long time. I became so excited in my spirit about tithing.

    I could hardly wait until my next paycheck on Tuesday, November 4th. I got paid that day, cashed my check and quickly made my way to the church to hand in my tithe before Satan could steal it. I was actually so excited to hand it in! I felt a peace in my spirit. The next day I recieved a check in the mail for lactation services rendered 2 months prior and two days later I received a phone call regarding an application for employment that i had submitted early in October. I was offered the postion of Lactation Consultant at Harris Methodist Cleburne at almost twice my current salary! As the recruiter reviewed the benefits to me over the phone I became extremely aware of the enormous blessings that were being showered upon me. I had a vision of a window opening and flowers pouring down from heaven. I was overwhelmed by Gods love. Malachi 3:10 came to mind. I saw God that day. Not in the physical sense, but I experienced Him that day through His love in the form of a blessing. Thabk you Pastor Barry for teaching the truth and allowing God to work through you. In regards to tithing, I set forth on this journey to try God on this subject and once again He has remained faithful!