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Words Fuel Faith - Part 2

Barry Tubbs Jr

March 15, 2015


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Dennis and his wife, Vikki, travel the globe throughout

the year preaching and teaching in seminars, conventions, and churches, sharing the Word of God and the keys to victorious Christian living. They Have authored numerous books including "How To Meditate God's Word" and Vikkis best selling book, "Some Days You Dance"

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Dennis & Vikki Burke 

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March 29

Easter At The Allards

Sunday - April 5th

Join us for our annual Easter egg hunt. Hamburgers and hotdogs will be provided. If you plan on coming please bring a side dish large enough to shareand drinks. If your children are participating in the hunt, please bring a dozen FILLED eggs per child.



    I cant help but get excited every time you talk about tithing! I have wanted to thank you for your teaching on this very subject in October and November. I have heard many sermons on this subject but this time the Holy Spirit changed my heart. As i listened to the Holy Spirit speaking through you an excitement begin to stir in my spirit in regard to tithing.

    It was at this point that i was corrected in my spirit that i was not doing my part. I had allowed God in and trusted Him in other areas of my life but not in the area of finances. I resolved to take God at His word. I wanted to recieve His blessing for my life... not just financially, but in all areas. The realization that tithing was the way unlocked a door that had been closed and locked within me for a very long time. I became so excited in my spirit about tithing.

    I could hardly wait until my next paycheck on Tuesday, November 4th. I got paid that day, cashed my check and quickly made my way to the church to hand in my tithe before Satan could steal it. I was actually so excited to hand it in! I felt a peace in my spirit. The next day I recieved a check in the mail for lactation services rendered 2 months prior and two days later I received a phone call regarding an application for employment that i had submitted early in October. I was offered the postion of Lactation Consultant at Harris Methodist Cleburne at almost twice my current salary! As the recruiter reviewed the benefits to me over the phone I became extremely aware of the enormous blessings that were being showered upon me. I had a vision of a window opening and flowers pouring down from heaven. I was overwhelmed by Gods love. Malachi 3:10 came to mind. I saw God that day. Not in the physical sense, but I experienced Him that day through His love in the form of a blessing. Thabk you Pastor Barry for teaching the truth and allowing God to work through you. In regards to tithing, I set forth on this journey to try God on this subject and once again He has remained faithful!